Child psychologist sydney Jaimie Bloch

About Jaimie Bloch

Clinical Director and Founder

B.A Psych (Hons.), PGDip Psych, PGDip ProfPsych, M.Psych (Clinical)

Jaimie Bloch is a Clinical Psychologist, Behavioural Expert, Researcher and Program Developer.

She is passionate about working with youth and adults in understanding, developing and managing the human experience.  Jaimie has been working with youth and adults within a range of contexts since 2007. Jaimie is an expert behavioural consultant for children and adolescents, and has a special interest in the treatment, creation and management of interventions both in individual, group, school and online forums for children, adolescents, adults and families.


Jaimie has spent years studying and perfecting her craft with a Bachelor of Psychological Science, a Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours), a Graduate Diploma of Professional Psychology and a Master’s of Psychology (Clinical).


Jaimie uses her flare for creativity to encompass both holistic and evidence based approaches when developing group therapy, school-based or individual and corporate programs. Jaimie is passionate about creating comprehensive intervention plans, and setting up support systems for individuals and families. Jaimie is motivated to bridge the gap between Psychology, Science and Human understanding. She enjoys teaching, researching, developing programs and writing articles that meld Western Psychology, Philosophy, Human Social Psychology and the neuroscience behind the brain that is both palatable and enjoyable to engage with and understand.


Jaimie’s philosophy is that knowledge is power. She believes that the knowledge we can learn and gather about ourselves, our brains and others can empower us to lead fulfilling and meaningful lives. She believes minds move better together, and that with the support of a guiding light, whether that be through a mentor, coach, or information, we can feel more connected and enlightened and ultimately empowered in our own life journeys.


Jaimie is a leading psychologist in Sydney and is creative, energetic and grounding in her approach with children, youth and families, making a special effort to instil a sense of self-efficacy and hopeful curiosity towards life’s journey in each person she encounters.

About Yuli Dar

B. Psy (Hons.), M.Psychology (Clinical)

Yuli is a caring, non-judgemental and compassionate psychologist committed to providing client-centred care. She strives to create a safe and connected space for young people to explore their vulnerability and daily internal and external experiences. Yuli has completed a Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) and a Masters of Clinical Psychology. Yuli's wealth of knowledge and treatment intervention comes from her expert experience from hospital, school and private settings.


Yuli works with children, teenagers and adults to overcome a range of difficulties that can affect wellbeing at home, work and school. She is experienced at providing treatment for various problems such as anxiety (e.g. phobias, social anxiety), depression, school/work-related stress, chronic pain, emotion regulation difficulties, anger management, child behaviour problems, parenting stress, interpersonal difficulties and self-harm. When working with young people, Yuli, likes to be seen as a life-coach, supporting young people feeling more empowered in their lives as well as the decisions they make. Yuli strives to support clients face life and internal challenges as well as uncover and develop their unique strengths and capabilities to connect to their best life and self.

Yuli uses a range of therapy modalities including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Mindfulness Integrated Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Circle of Security Attachment Focused Therapy, and Collaborative and Proactive Solutions.

 Yuli adopts a collaborative and holistic approach in working with families and tailors her treatments to meet the individual needs of the child, adolescent and their family. Yuli hopes to help each child, teen or family she interacts with live a more meaningful and valued life.

About Kerry Gordon

B. Psy (Hons.), 

Kerry is a registered psychologist who is passionate about working with children and families to provide support for social, behavioural and developmental challenges. She strives to empower individuals to overcome their challenges. Kerry works with children, adolescents and families to manage and understand anxiety, self-regulation, concentration difficulties, sibling rivalry, aggression, behavioural difficulties, social skills development and grief and loss. Kerry works from a strengths based approach and is driven to help people shift their negative thinking, feeling and behavioural patterns and become more productive and positively engaged in their own lives.

She is also particularly skilled in self regulation, and helping children, parents and schools learn how to implement effective strategies to help promote a calm minds and body, when a child, teen or adult may be feeling emotionally overwhelmed. 

Kerry’s approach to therapy is collaborative, working with all the relevant people involved, such as parents, carers, teachers and siblings. She enjoys working creatively, and draws on elements of play and narrative therapy, as well as implementing aspects of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. Kerry is also specifically trained in Mindfulness for children through the MindUp course, as well as various family and parenting courses.

About Gail Zinn

BSc; Dip Ed; MEd and Counselling Psychology; MAPS

Educational, Developmental and Counselling Psychologist

Gail is a dedicated and highly experienced psychologist who has worked in private and public-school settings for over 20 years. She has a calm and engaging approach to her therapeutic work with school age children, adolescents and their families and aims to support them to enhance and develop their own unique strengths. knowledge and capabilities to promote enhanced wellbeing.

Gail’s special area of interest lies in supporting students and parents to negotiate the challenges of social, developmental and educational transitions. Her in depth working knowledge of schools enables her to advocate and help build effective connections between families and welfare and education teams. This includes the development of Individualised Education Support Plans in relation to issues such as school readiness, curriculum outcomes for students with additional needs, years 5-7 transition, and pathways towards and beyond the HSC.

Gail’s practice incorporates an Interpersonal Therapeutic focus, as well as Mindfulness based Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Narrative Therapy and Solution Focussed Psychotherapy.

In her therapeutic work with children and young people, Gail’s areas of interest include anxiety, emotional regulation, sensory motor challenges, bullying, healthy screen time, separation and divorce, grief and loss and the complexities of emerging mental health difficulties.

Gail’s Master’s thesis focussed on Anxiety and Coping in Senior High School Students. She contributed to the development of the Adolescents Coping with Emotions (ACE) CBT program at Macquarie University, conducting pilot group programs. Gail was a recipient of the Anika Premier’s Teaching Award Scholarship, which enabled her to attend training in Interpersonal Psychotherapy for Adolescents at Columbia University, New York.

​Gail currently combines her role as a Senior Psychologist for the NSW Department of Education with her role as a Psychologist at the MindMovers Psychology practice. She has recently delivered the Youth Mental Health First Aid program extensively across a range of NSW public schools. Gail is also a Psychology Board approved supervisor.