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Parenting Bold Children

Looking for support on how to manage ambitious, bold and energetic children. This course will support you understand your child better, look at tried, tested and research based parenting techniques, and learn how to implement specific skills in your everyday family life. 

Parent's survivial guide: helping your teen grow

Want to learn how to best support your teen develop into a healthy, happy and resilient young adult? This course will take you through the teenage brain, the changes that occur from child to teenage brain and beyond. Learn ways to engage, interact, connect and support your teenager in decision-making, navigating social demands, understanding their emotions and learning ways to feel empowered.  

Parenting Anxious Kids

Worried about your child's worries? This course will explore and explain the anxious brain, identify different parenting styles that support build confidence in anxious and sensitive children, as well as look at proven strategies to support you in helping your child feel more empowered, resilient and live a happy and engaged life.

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