COVID-19 Clinic Update:

By now, everyone has made some adjustments to their routines and lives due to COVID-19 and it is no different at MindMovers Psychology. Below are some important updates from our team.


We are still open and operating. We are still seeing and taking new referrals. We are dedicated to continuing to support you and your family during this period while playing our part to stop the spread of the virus.


In line with the latest advice from the Australian Government, we have reduced our face-to-face interactions, as appropriate. We are currently still operating with mainly online appointments but will be making certain days available during the week for clients to see clinicians face to face. 


Unless advised otherwise, all appointments are online. If your child requires face to face please contact the clinic to find out when your clinician will be making times available during the week for face to face.


If you are attending the clinic: 




We are reducing our hours of operation for the safety of our team. From April 2020, our clinic will be open to clients on certain days for each clinician. 

To find out what day your clinician will be seeing clients at the clinic please contact reception on (02) 9328 1081 or

 During these hours, we have new guidelines to reduce the risk of COVID19. 

These initiatives include:

  • All parent sessions to be conducted online or by phone.

  • Our waiting rooms are closed. Please drop-off and pick-up only. Your psychologist can provide feedback in a separate parent session.

  • Phone and email support from reception is available.

  • Hygiene practices of the highest standard are our new normal.

Reminderour waiting room is closed and we have a no waiting wait room policy.

If you are part of the appointment with your child you are welcome to come in, however once you leave the clinicians room you will need to leave the practice and wait in your car or nearby. 

We appreciate your understanding as we seek to avoid any unnecessary risks to the health of our MindMovers Psychology community, our homes, families and everyone in between. 

Thank you for your continued support.

Frequently Ask Questions


How do I or my child get referred to MindMovers Psychology?


Anyone can join one of the groups  or workshops offered by MindMovers Psychology by self-referring, however you will not be eligible for a Medicare rebate by referring this way. To be eligible you must be referred by a GP, Psychiatrist or Paediatrician with a Mental Health Care Plan. Your GP, Psychiatrist or Paediatrician will then write a referral letter including yours or your child’s Mental Health Treatment Plan. Make an appointment with your doctor to discuss this further.

How do I become eligible for a Medicare rebate?


You will need to book an appointment to discuss whether you are elibilble for a Mental Health Care Plan with your doctor whether they think you or your child is eligible - only they can determine this. When you have received a Mental Health Care plan you are eligible for the Medicare Rebate for group therapy run by a Psychologist. At MindMovers Psychology the claiming of your account is your responsibility. You may claim a rebate by lodging a claim through Medicare. You need to pay the full amount on or before the first group session and then you can use your MindMovers invoice to claim a Medicare rebate. ​Private health funds also offer a rebate, but you will need to speak with your health insurance provider to determine how much they will cover.


How do the groups work at MindMovers Psychology?

Each group program that is run at MindMovers is different, however most groups run afterschool for approximately 1 hour. Group times, locations and length will vary, please contact us for more information. However, all groups require an intial assessment by one of our psychologists. The initial assessment is about getting to know you, your child and the difficulties you've been experiencing. Additionally, at MindMovers we like to focus on and celebrate you and your child's strengths, we also love getting to know each child and parent that chooses to join the MindMovers family. At MindMovers we tailor and individualise our programs to suit each child that is joining one of our groups, therefore the initial assessment will involve determing which group program or workshop is the best fit for you and/or your child.


Why Groups?

Please click here for more information