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MindMovers Psychology Locations: 
We are currently located in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney on the fringe of the City of Sydney in Double Bay.
Our address location is:

3/1a Knox Lane Double Bay, NSW Sydney
For Mailing: PO BOX 146 Double Bay, NSW, 2028
- We offer online therapy consultations
- We are also developing online content
- We run groups at various locations all over Sydney, such as schools, workplaces and local community events. 
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MindMovers Psychology was founded in 2015, with the dream of becoming an oasis for families around the globe. The team at MindMovers are passionate about making psychology a fun, interactive and engaging experience. Psychological well-being is an important part of having a balanced, healthy and joyful life.  It influences the extent to which we thrive in our relationships with our partner, children, family, friends or colleagues.  MindMovers Psychology was created based on the ideology that we change together rather than in isolation.  We have a special interest in group intervention and child, adolescent, family  and adult therapy. The team at MindMovers work dynamically to address the underlying issues with their clients, enabling them to learn not only the skills being taught, but to also embrace their own unique inner potential. The MindMovers model is developed based on the needs of clients, and is continually updated to meet current best practices psychological interventions, as well as ensuring the learning is a fun and exciting process for their clients. The MindMovers team are passionate and enthusiastic about helping youth and the benefit of using a combination of group, individual and family work to meet this aim. Meet the team here.

Group Therapy

Group therapy typically involves six to twelve individuals who meet face to face once a week with two trained psychologists to learn and practice specific psychology based skills to better improve their lives. Each group focuses on a specific aspect of personal growth to empower each individual to navigate the ups and downs of their own lives. The interactions within the group give each member the opportunity to notice their unhelpful relationship patterns and practice healthier ways of interacting. 

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